Entreprise de BaTiment


About us
I moved here permanently in 2005 with my family. I was a self-employed builder for 25 years in England. I am based near Moutiers les Mauxfaits in the south west Vendee. Registered with the Chambre de Metiers in La Roche sur Yon.
Fully insured and meet all of the stringent criteria expected of builders by the French law, which provide a number of advantages.

  • All work guaranteed for ten years.

  • Customers have no legal worries as employees are registered and insured note: where artisans are not insured and have an accident the home owner is liable beware!

  • Benefit from reduced TVA on some works.

  • Assistance with complex building regulations, planning drawings and form filling from a local planning consultant. Working with French plumber and electrician to ensure the latest regulations are adhered to. We give clients a reliable and quality service in most aspects of building work.

All photos are of work and materials supplied by us
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  1. Ground works and foundations etc.,
  2. Fosse septique systems and drainage,
  3. Masonry,
  4. Roofing and tiling,
  5. Landscaping,
  6. Carpentry,
  7. Drylining / plasterboarding and insulation,
  8. Tiling floors and walls,
  9. Swimming pools.
  10. Conservatory
  11. Fireplaces

Area of work
The area I work in is roughly the South West Vendée, France.


Siret: 49359700900015